October 2021

Ant Bailey Introduces a New Genre ‘Rap-Pop’

Ant Bailey Introduces a New Genre ‘Rap-Pop’

Anthony Bailey aka AntBailey is bringing us a New Genre ‘Rap-Pop’. Queens-born, Atlanta- raised artist who has a creative vision that he wants to share with the world. He saw music as another way of expressing himself and found that calling in high school. But it wasn’t until after learning Dance at The Artist Institute of Atlanta when he started to take music seriously. In 2013, he recorded professionally, producing the beat for his single “Get Like That,” after that, he knew that he can make anything.

In 2014, the rapper/songwriter has cranked out his debut EP. Got Energy, which featured such tunes as “Moodkiller” and his hit single, “Energy”, which hit nearly 7K likes on Soundcloud. AntBailey describes his music as “Hype- Conscious,” meaning high energy, but also informing music with some subliminal and thought-provoking messages. shows his versatility by not only performing hip hop and R&B, but also Pop, Rock and EDM.
In Atlanta, he got the attention of HoodRich Pablo Juan’s older brother, Caleb and in New York, YNVS CEO Juan ShampooRamirez, who took AntBailey under his wing.

Musical Influences

AntBailey cites J. Cole, DMX, Coldplay, Usher, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson as his musical influences, but idolizes the hardest working man in showbiz, James Brown, whose stage presence and performance AntBailey takes after.
AntBailey has performed in both New York and Atlanta as well as Coast 2 Coast Live and SXSW. His goal is to be one of the greatest performers of all time, bringing back the feeling of performing and the lost art of dancing in hip hop. He hopes to open doors to more than just music, but to fashion and art as well, making him the creative visionary he was born to be.

I’m currently working on visuals for my new single, “Bad Lil Shawty” as well as my debut album on the YNVS label. Stay in tune with my New Genre ‘Rap-Pop’


Stay Connected
Instagram: @ynvsantbailey
Twitter: @ynvsantbailey
TikTok: @antbaileyyy


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Anyone who’s a fan of movies like myself enjoys a good horror flick. So of course, we were all excited to hear that Halloween Kills dropped this past weekend. Ever since I was a kid, the Halloween franchise has always been one of my favorites. These films had the perfect amount of scare, blood & gore in my household!


Without giving away too much, I was excited to hear Dr. Samuel Loomis (Donald Pleasance) one more time. The filmmakers did a awesome job working alongside a voice actor to faithfully recreate his voice. I also enjoyed how they explained how Michael did not die in the 2018 film. It made sense, which has been lacking in most horror films with Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees.


The rest of the movie for me was a letdown. The character Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) was barely involved in the movie. I enjoyed the nods to previous films, but what they did with the old characters was disappointing. I spent the past 40 years not hearing or seeing who & what they have become. Now I’m supposed to feel bad for them because they get killed a few minutes into the film?

I was never a fan of the character Karen (Judy Greer) and was pleased when she was killed off. There was a chase scene where they all chase down the wrong man. I felt bad for him, but personally I thought the scene was pointless. There was a line in the film that went “He’s turned us into monsters.” No, he did not. He gave you the reason that you had been seeking to show that you have always been monsters inside.

Mind you, a man was dressed in white, unmasked, shorter and chubbier actually speaks. Not one person in the mob had presence of mind to say, “Well, it looks like someone else?” Everyone except for Karen, I suppose. I could say that the movie falls apart at the end but, it fell apart way earlier than that. The movie isn’t a total bomb. The actor who portrayed Michael (James Jude Courtney) did a great job.


Michael’s outfit still has it’s authenticity. Especially his mask that’s been ravaged by all of his previous battles. Much like Jason Voorhees in the past, we catch a glimpse of his damaged eye.. That was a nice, gory touch. The musical score was done by John Carpenter and it was well done. You will have to see it and decide for yourselves, if you enjoy this sort of thing.

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