As a young teen I watched his shows and was a fan of his work; then he just got up and left. I was very heartbroken by this so when I heard he was coming back to Stand Up, I just knew I had to jump on and see it for myself.  So Let me break down how I felt about this Netflix Special.

First off I was very surprised that Dave was even coming out with anything,  let alone two specials! The first one that I watched was filmed in Los Angeles.  It was fun seeing him back on the stage; The feeling of just watching one of the modern day greats made it a special moment. He talked about different situations, racism, the LGBT community,  OJ Simpson and the biggest punchline of them all, Bill Cosby. Chappelle has a very unique way of bringing up very sensitive subjects and making them okay to talk about. I loved that he is very transparent and just says what he feels. Without giving the special away, he talked about Key & Peele., both of which have followed in similar footsteps as Chappelle. I didn’t get to watch the other show yet. But in summary it is one of in my opinion, the best Netflix specials to date. The execution is right on point, you can tell that he was having fun. The fact is, he’s a great story teller. I really would recommend anybody to see this you won’t stop laughing, It will defintely ring back memories. Hopefully, we get more Specials like this maybe even bringing back The Chappelle Show!? Who knows…

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