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Meet Pearl Pearl: A Man of Many Talents and a Heart of Gold

Picture this: Atlanta, GA native Pearl Pearl was approached with a wild idea – starting a record label. As fate would have it, It was at a basketball practice where Pearl’s friend Yohon would constantly urge Pearl to invest in his group TTS, which was the first out of many acts he signed.

Pearl knew he had found his calling. As he sat watching the show “Making The Band”, Pearl Pearl had an epiphany – he too could be on his “Diddy” and make a real difference in the lives of aspiring artists. And so, in 1999, Pearl Pearl invested in his dream and started Hard Nodd Records (currently named Newsky Entertainment).

What Drives Pearl

Why was Pearl Pearl so passionate about this venture? Simply put, his purpose in life is to help others. From coaching kids in the hood to providing a free camp every August in honor of his late son, he has always been his brother’s keeper.

It’s no surprise that he’s also dedicated to helping others through their struggles with mental health. He focuses especially for black men. Pearl Pearl wants to be that go-to person, that shoulder to lean on, that friend who’s always there when you need a helping hand.

As if running a record label and being a pillar of the community wasn’t enough, Pearl Pearl is also dipping his toes into the world of podcasting. Inspired by his late son Shaq (R.I.P) and best friend Yohon, Pearl Pearl launched his podcast, “Let Me Kick My Sh++.” A testament to his love for deep conversations and talk shows, he knew he had a voice that needed to be heard. And boy, did the universe agree!

The Quest Chronicles: Pearl Pearl

After a life-changing interview on The T-Quest Show with DJ ILL NINO, he knew it was time to take his podcast game to the next level. Enter Ms. KeKe, a content creator with a passion for profound messages and a knack for professional presentation. They’ve taken the “Let Me Kick My Sh++” podcast to new heights. With three successful seasons under their belts and many more to come.

But wait, there’s more! Pearl Pearl isn’t just a music mogul and podcasting powerhouse – he’s also in the process of writing a movie script. Did we mention he’s working with several artists on their projects while recording new content for his own music career? His project “Atlanta State of Mind” is making waves in the streaming market. Pearl Pearl knows it’s time to give the people even more.

The Quest Chronicles: Pearl Pearl

So if you haven’t already, it’s time to get acquainted with Pearl Pearl. The music artist, business owner, podcaster, community advocate, and all-around incredible human being. Follow him on social media and listen to his work. Know that this is only the beginning – Pearl Pearl’s star is just starting to shine.

I’m super proud of my contribution in the community as a volunteer coach for 17 yrs sometimes using my own money. And to see some of my ex students coaching now is another one of those that’s my million dollars.

~ Pearl Pearl

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