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CP HLG is a talented content creator. He makes us all laugh out loud with over-the-top comedy sketches. Best known for his “Me and My Cokehead Roommate” series, the San Diego native is all across social media and becoming a staple in the content creator community.

Chris Parker has never been camera shy. “I’ve always had a knack for being on camera since I was a kid. I was always the talkative, funny person. So when my mom got a camera, I used to create my own home films with my cousin when I was younger.” CP is a creative that isn’t afraid to push the envelope to make people laugh.


“I would describe my content as that early 2000’s comedy. Back then, humor was no holds barred on jokes. Any and everything was up for grabs.” CP HLG uses clips from old WWE interviews with “Macho Man Randy Savage” that tie in his over the edge style of humor.”


His Creative Process

I asked CP HLG about his process and what inspires him to be a creative. “A great mixture of things inspire me now that didn’t catch my interest back then as times & comedic forms has changed.” Besides Eddie Griffin and “Home Alone” CP draws inspiration from the effect of his comedy on fans. “Seeing the reaction of people and my fans who really get a laugh outta my content. It really drives me to do more & more.”

CP has come a long way from his earlier days since his boom into popularity. “My routine now isn’t what it once was when I started as things have become more bigger on my platform. But I wake up early in the AM head to my living room and shoot about 4-5 videos for that day. I use my phone for literally everything (filming, editing, etc…).”

Shifting Gears

I asked CP about dealing with today’s current climate when it comes to comedy. “I’m not afraid to go a little overboard for that punch line, but today’s comedy not so much. Things are becoming more and more sensitive.” CP is grateful for his decision to pursue a lane in content creation. “Truth be told, I’d probably be bouncing from job to job. With it being hard to keep a job, content creation has really helped me in that aspect.”


A tree doesn’t grow overnight. It takes time, patience and most of all management. If you want to make it in this world, remember that.


Wrapping It Up

CP HLG has a hidden talent outside of being a content creator that came up in our convo. “A major skill of mine is that I’m AMAZING at almost any video game I touch! I can also for some remember all old school video game music (laughs).” I gave CP the floor to close out our interview.

“My final words are ones that everyone should remember. That in the times you feel like your missing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year AND still stand tall waiting for better days.”


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