The Quest Chronicles: I Myself Survived R Kelly

Flash back of a time when I was a teenager, my mom brought my sisters & I to a R Kelly Concert. At the end of the concert, we were asked to get on his tour bus. Now this sounds VERY Familiar!

I’m not the type to speak on subjects that are being saturated on social media but when a particular subject triggers something within me then it has to be addressed. That subject was the R. Kelly Special on Lifetime. I watched it & was like wow but not too shocked, we all knew about this for years. I just wasnt aware of the dept of it all. When I spoke to my sister the next day, she reminded me of the time we went to a R Kelly concert for her birthday years ago. We were teenagers but I was excited to go because Deborah Cox was apart of it & I was a fan. My sister started to give her opinion about the special & brought up how his camp asked if we wanted to get on R. Kelly’s tour bus that night. My sisters thought it was weird for them to ask, especially since we were so young and mommy wasn’t having that whatsoever!

Other women would have probably allowed it just to be that close to a celebrity. Now that I’m older, watching this & reminiscing had my mind wondering. What would have happened if I went to the concert alone, or not with my family? What would have happened if I would have went with friends?

Me being an inspiring music artist, if I was to be asked to go on his tour bus, I honestly would have. My life would have been totally different. Being young searching for fame, I could have been a victim myself. I think about how I wanted to be a superstar! I would have went on the bus, praying that he hears me sing & hope that he can help me with my career. I’ll be very honest with you all, back then I was young, quiet, and nieve. I could have easily been a victim, a sex slave & trapped. I would have been too scared to fight back not knowing what the outcome would be. Not knowing if I’ll get beaten like the others, raped, tied up or the lives of my family members be threatened! Very scary but reality. You never know what you would or would not do in certain situations unless you’re actually in them.

As a music artist, I’ve never tried to sleep my way to the top but in the beginning I did put my life in danger. Meeting up with Djs, promoters, producers that I didn’t know, trying to network & every situation wasn’t just a meeting. Some were set ups that I wasnt aware of. I remember meeting industry guys trying to have “alone” time with me, talking about, “Do you know who I am? Don’t you know I can change your career & take it to the level you want? Lets leave the club, go around the corner & get to know each other.” That night became more interesting & crazy but you’ll have to read my up & coming book for the rest of that particular story amongst the others.

I have a lot of shocking traumatizing painful stories dealing with guys in the industry. It hurts because many females, just want to follow their dreams & shouldn’t have to go through hell to get there & wonder why so many of us have a wall up & trust issues. Kings are supposed to protect their Queens & I haven’t felt protected. This is a twisted industry as well as a twisted world we live in. 
Where do we go from here? When will this stop? Is change coming? Will certain individuals finally be punished for their actions. Will we protect the innocent & help heal the wounds? PLEASE comment below!

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