Happy New Year from all of us at TenthLetterMedia and Straight Official Magazine!! We’ve been away for awhile but, we thank all of our faithful readers for rocking with us and we’re OFFICIALLY back on our grind to bring you the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop.

Outkast Babies (Bart Litty & A-Fresh)

With every new year that comes we tend to make resolutions to get better. In order to be effective, you need to find a new frequency. 2019 is THE year for OUTKAST BABIES to control your airwaves! The duo of A-Fresh & Bart Litty have become a staff favorite due to their creativity and consistency. The hit single Frequency is off their latest project which you can download via

Check out the dope visual for Frequency down below and stay tuned in as we intend to flood your timelimes and walls with Hip-Hop’s brighest and hottest artists! #DueSeason #GetSOM

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[MUSIC] Love Galore Remix feat. Cardi B?

I am currently obsessed with two female artists who have made big waves in music this summer.

SZA who has taken us all by storm with her first studio album, Ctrl and Cardi B who has cast a spell over the hip hop charts with single Bodak Yellow.

Now its no secret that both artisst have publicly praised each other’s work.

SZA sent love to Cardi B during her Ctrl tour, doing her rendition of Bodak Yellow. Of course Cardi B sent the love back posting a video of her remix to Love Galore.

Two hot new charting females showing love to each other is pretty big in this dog eat dog industry; but the cherry on top is that the rumor mill is all a buzz about an official Love Galore remix featuring Cardi B.

Will the music gods be so kind as to let this project happen, only time will tell.

In the mean time I encourage any of you who have been sleeping under a rock to check out both artists. They are just getting started and are already on fire!





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