King ZG Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary of “Enemy of the Break”

Blog cover art featuring cover art for the re-release of the classic bboy-inspired album "Enemy of the break" by Pikaso and King ZG (formerly P-Kid and Zulu Gremlin).
Enemy of the Break

King ZG and Pikaso, formerly known as P-Kid and Zulu Gremlin, are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their collaborative album “Enemy of the Break”. The special digital re-release contains a slightly modified tracklist. The dynamic duo used the name S.W.A.T. which stands for Street Wise Art Technique. They’re reintroducing this iconic album to the digital realm through VIP Records/Empire.

Recorded back in 1999 in Daly City, California, “Enemy of the Break” was a product of the creative minds of P-Kid and Zulu Gremlin, produced under Zulu Gremlin Publishing BMI. The album features notable guest appearances from breaking legends like Ken Swift and Mr. Wiggles, embodying the essence of bboy culture.


The original vinyl release has more songs, which consisted of breakbeats produced by Zulu Gremlin. But he has since released those as part of his “B-Boy Music” series. The Cambridge dictionary defines breakbeats as “a type of electronic dance music that includes parts of funk and soul songs”. During parties, the DJ would loop the drum beat, without the vocals, so people could dance to it. Breakdancers would often dance and battle over those part of the songs. Later artists and Bboys like Zulu Gremlin would specifically create music to for dancers, like the breakbeats in his series.

Reflecting on the album’s inspiration, King ZG shares, “The album was inspired by our mission of being the last Bboys. This album was made in the late 90s with bboy mc legends of the 80s on it as a last collaboration after we left Rock Steady Crew, started our own companies, and pursued our next missions in the music industry.

Standout Singles

One standout track from the album, “I’m Sayin Though,” which features Ken Swift became a bboy anthem and was featured in the breakdance documentary film “The Freshest Kids.” The documentary was produced by Quincy Jones III’s QD3 Entertainment. The song was also recently used in an underground breakdance battle in Tokyo. You can watch the battle here (at the 1:15 mark).

The title track, “Enemy of the Break” has started taking off again being added to a few playlists recently as fans reconnect and new fans discover the classic sound.

“Enemy of the Break” is now available digitally worldwide on most major platforms via VIP Records/Empire. Relive the magic of this timeless album by listening now at

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Former NFL Star Adam “Pacman” Jones Debuts “Standing on Business”

Adam "Pacman" Jones

Adam “Pacman” Jones, a renowned NFL all-star, further solidifies his shift from athlete to rap star. With a new anthem titled “Standing On Business,” highlighting the hustle for success. The song released with a music video shot in his hometown of Cincinnati at TQL Stadium. Home of FC Cincinnati, where Pacman recently performed the Sword Ritual to kick off the 2024 MLS season.

Adam "Pacman" Jones: Touchdown to Turntable - Drops Debut Single "Ferrari  Kit" The Hype Magazine: Unveiling the Pulse of Urban Culture - From Hip Hop  to Hollywood! Explore a Diverse Tapestry of

Following the success of his debut single ”Ferrari Kit” that hit over 1 million views on YouTube, Jones continues his artistic journey under the esteemed Universal Music Group in collaboration with Bungalo Records. Adopting the artist name “The Real Pacman Jones,” he aims to captivate audiences with his unique style.

Football has been a significant part of my life, but music has always been a passion. It’s a reflection of my journey—full of highs and lows, but always pushing forward.

Adam ‘Pacman” Jones

In addition to his music career, Jones remains active in the sports entertainment industry, hosting popular shows such as “Runnin’ it Back with Pac + Zac” on BETONLINE.AG and appearing on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show” with his segment, “Undercover Dawg.”


Follow Adam “Pacman” Jones on Instagram @realpacman24

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