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JUNE is a versatile artist from Indianapolis, IN that like the season he’s named after is hot. The artist and producer has 5 years vested in his craft and presents a different type of sound. June has also been part of Naptown’s biggest pop-outs in Hip-Hop this year, including the How You What? Sophomore Cypher that’s still making noise to this day!

June has a connection to Hip-Hop that he admits altered the course of his life for the better. Before picking up the mic, he played pro basketball in South America and Europe. When I asked him what Hip-Hop means to him, his response was all too familiar.

“(Hip-Hop) It’s a lifestyle! It gives life. The full origin of it and how it impacted the culture helped saved my life. Growing up with few resources we didn’t have choices to become someone.” June intends to cultivate the genre and add to the growing landscape of Hip-Hop in the Circle City.


Growing up in Gary & the Far east side of Indy with very few resources we didn’t have choices to become someone. I’m blessed to use my music to tell our stories and turn pain into therapy.




Drunk Beautiful Girls is June’s current project that has a sequel coming next month. The 8-track production features solid bangers in tracks like “Red Handed” that spotlight his delivery and style. Check out the official music video down below!



Follow June on social media on Instagram (@june1oth) and stay tuned for the release of Drunk Beautiful Girls 2 on July 11th. If you’re the reading type, check out the track list for DBG2 and you’ll get to know the vibes!


1: Gotta 

2: Have Some Fun 

3: 2nite

4: My Vibe 

5: Toxic 

6: Baby 

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TenthLetterMedia & Straight Official presents the #SaturdaySpotlight

Celebrating Hip-Hop, Lifestyle & Culture Straight Official Magazine & TenthLetterMedia presents the #SaturdaySpotlight

#GetSOM via @TenthLetterMedia

For nearly a decade, Straight Official Magazine has been the source for your daily dose of hip-hop, lifestyle and culture. Serving as the home publication for the Worldwide Fleet DJ’s, SOMag has worked to both keep you up-to-date on the latest news in music and entertainment and breaking new artists. When TenthLetterMedia joined the team we began to work to discover the independent talent nationwide. Saturdays were ours as we connected like Voltron to bring readers a dope feature known as the #SaturdaySpotlight.

Perfect TIming

It was during that time the city of Indianapolis was on fire, with a plethora of artists that were making hip-hop more than just a weekend thing. The landscape became more diverse and at the same time, more business minded to change narratives and for some artists like Indianapolis rapper TRAJIK to reach unbelievable heights. The first artist that I covered early in my career that ended up gracing the cover of the city’s largest newspaper as the face of this movement is a testament to the change that he spoke to me about way back in the day. Before he snagged roles as an actor in Empire & Proven Innocent, we featured him in the magazine on the heels of his Welcome To Traptown album release in 2019.

From there, it was all gas and no brakes…

Within the same year, another major talent from Indianapolis began to make noise as producer Playbwoi Tha Great was signed to Bad Azz Music and we were right there with a feature about his dope visual for his single “It’s Clear To Me” from his RockSolidForever 2 album release. In ten years of music journalism, I have sat down with some of my favorite artists, but there’s something about doing so with not only hometown artists, but with friends that makes these features hit different.

Like when we got to chop it up with the homie Matthew “M-80” Markoff on the heels of his comeback to the mic with his “Done Done It” release and the amazing interview we had with the one and only T-Quest, we have had a niche for bringing you the brightest and most talented acts from across the land.

And we intend to keep a good thing going…

Left: Matthew “M-80” Markoff, Right: T-Quest


In coming back from a situation that was out of our control, we are formally introducing the weekend feature back to the masses! This time around, we are looking for more than just artists. We’re looking for business owners, models, producers, comedians… whoever you are we want to shine the light on you!! We’re looking to discover more dope artists like T. Harris, Dead Silence, Illy Octane & Ro Wilson.

From Left: Dead Silence, Right Illy Octane

Ro Wilson (Photo Cred: TenthLetterMedia)

As always, we thank you for rocking with Straight Official Magazine & TenthLetterMedia as we celebrate Hip-Hop, lifestyle and culture! If you are interested in being featured in the #SaturdaySpotlight then check out the flyer down below for more information. Stay tuned in for more dope content and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!!!

T. Harris (Photo Cred: TenthLetterMedia)
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