September 2022

The Number 1 Music Review “Heat Check Live”

In Chicago IL, Ren Terry From Go Boyz Ent & Dj KCeaser are on fire with the beautiful platform “Heat Check Live”. So many artists are getting recognized for their actual talent. It’s fantastic to see the artist interact in positive unity. If you don’t know about Ren Terry you are really missing what’s been going on. They have become a major outlet for the city of Chicago and Indiana with his connection in the music industry.

Heat Check Live


Serving customers in Merriville, IN The ALL New Jo’s Bar & Grill is an establishment a place where you can have fun and party in peace. The kitchen is phenomenal with all kinds of good food. This place is located at 90 West 53rd Avenue, Merrillville, IN 46410. It’s an experience you wouldn’t want to miss it. Dj KCeaser on the music is a sight to see. Party is an understatement. It is more like an extravaganza every time he touches the boards it’s what we called “lit”. We have seen a lot of music review platforms, but none like this. I suggest all artists get in tune with this platform you will get really good feedback and good information.

It’s all about what emoji you will receive. Are you on fire or are you trash? The viewers will not hold back. I’ve seen a lot of trash artists and great ones. Again, this is not for the weak. You must be able to take the heat in the kitchen. Go Boyz Ent. is a powerhouse bringing major artists and doing big concerts. At the same time, it gives independent artists a chance to be an opening act for an amazing event.

Can you say opportunity!!! I really personally appreciate what they do for the city. Check out Heat Check Live in action down below.

#GetSOM via @treygee and check out more of the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop here.
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Prettyy Diamonds | Florida’s Top Model

Diamond Adorlee – Prettyy Diamonds from Orlando newly inducted into the Fleet DJs family. Diamonds is now apart of the Fleet Models Division holding the crown as Florida’s Top Model.

Recruited during the 2022 Fleet Music Conference. Diamonds recall being approached by members of Fleet DJs. Complimenting her natural beauty and inquiring her modeling status. Diamonds learned that Fleet DJs were a big family with multiple divisions to include modeling.

Diamonds would make the decision that the Fleet Family would be a fit for her career. Prettyy Diamonds worked with major brands and outlets such as The Walt Disney Company and JC Penney.

prettyy diamonds florida top model
Pretty Diamonds on IG @prettydiamonds_

Prettyy Diamonds goals are to continue to gain media exposure and land major placement deals. Music videos – Clothing brands – Endorsements – Sponsorships – Movies and commercials is her ideal placements.

A few months apart of Fleet Models. Prettyy Diamonds has been the eye candy for multiple events & ads. Also appearing on flyers for entertainment companies, promoters, radiostations and more.

prettyy diamonds florida top model

Straight Official journalist Swag 100, has conducted an official Goat Vibez interview with Prettyy Diamond. Getting the exclusive details of her career and lifestyle. Check-out the video below.

SWAG 100
#GetSOM via @swag100 & check out more of his content right here.
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