Damoney & Tunchie24 are some incredible young stars from the city of Chicago. Talented is an understatement.

Damoney is 8yrs old, the younger brother. Tunchie24 is 11 years old and also a free spirit.  The duo brings out the best energy you ever saw in a kid. Tunchie24 he is the rapper of the group NFL shorties with his brother Damoney he is da hype man and known to be the turn-up kid. They are both guaranteed to be successful if they keep working hard and keep that energy.

The Father is also CEO of NFL Records Mac Rod has been working with a lot of known artists such as Dr. Big Chris whom he managed in the past but still has a partnership with. Also, the young rapper Cago Leek also from Chicago motivates the Duo with his skills and talents. You can’t help but love these kids!

They actually have music that can uplift our youth. As they Motivate through the song “BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE”.  Be on the lookout for new music coming Damoney & Tunchie24. NFL Records (NEVER FORGET LOYALTY) is the motto.

It means a lot to these kids. CEO/ Father is showing these kids it’s more than just rapping about money or the norm. It’s more about life and music for encouragement. City of Chicago has so much going on with violence, overall it is a pleasure to see positive kids doing positive Music. I will love to personally thank the Father/CEO for showing the kids the way. Music can change the world because it can change people, Tunchie24 did a remix on Lil Baby’s Instrumental “FreeStyle” you can see the star in him it comes natural, you can see the hunger and to hear the motivation that in his lyrics touch he soul.

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