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Federal prosecutors have rested their case against R. KELLY following 19 days of allegations of sexual abuse and testimony from more than 40 witnesses about how the singer allegedly controlled the minute details of his accusers’ everyday lives. According to YAHOO! NEWS, since opening statements on AUGUST 18th, prosecutors have presented accusers, former employees and other witnesses who testified in BROOKLYN’s federal courthouse about how KELLY controlled the lives of his young “girlfriends,” who often lived with him.

The accusers, whose experiences with KELLY spanned the course of about 25 years until his JULY 2019 arrest, described how the singer pressured them into sex. One woman said KELLY sexually assaulted her just moments after meeting her backstage after a concert. Others described being “trained” in sex and living with the singer over the course of several years. KELLY also gave several of them herpes, they testified, without disclosing that he had the incurable disease.

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KELLY has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him. His defense attorneys are expected to begin presenting their own witnesses for about two days, before each team of lawyers presents their closing arguments. 

As the trial heads toward its conclusion, the singer faces legal risk elsewhere. Federal and state-level prosecutors in CHICAGO each have pending cases against KELLY involving similar allegations, as does a district attorney’s office in MINNESOTA.

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