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James Portley, better known as Sony Recording artist BANDIT THE RAPPER hails from the “City of Brotherly Love” Philadelphia, PA.  Bandit has written and performed songs in the Pop, Rap and R&B genres for a long time. Upon releasing his anticipated project Lavender Sunset, Bandit decided to throw a party!!

Bandit had major support and a successful turn out at his private release party. Everyone from celebrity athletes, models, sponsors, media, clothing brands, DJ’s, tastemakers and label execs were all in attendance. It was a movie!

Shot By Philly HipHop News

Straight Official’s own Swag 100 conducted a live interview with Bandit in the middle of the event, giving the audience a deeper perspective of his new Lavender Sunset project.

SWAG 100 PODCAST – BANDIT THE RAPPER both are Bottega Boyz
SWAG100PODCAST – Philly HipHop News – A-Town

Bandit The Rapper was presented with an iTunes plaque. Charting Electronica Top 100 and placing at #4 on the charts with his single “Faded Memories”. Faded Memories is the intro to his LS Project.

Shot By Philly HipHop News
Shot By HipHop News

Dana Cowan, who is apart of Bandit’s management team and many others had plenty of words of encouragement for Bandit and all of his success with his career and new project.

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