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T-QUEST MUSIC REVIEW: Harmony Devoe is a breath of fresh air. I’ve watched her movement on social media and was quite impressed! I can tell she has mastered the algorithms which is not easy. I saw her as a go-getter and an artist that’s about business. When I spoke to her however, I fell in love with her even more! She’s so down to earth, easy to talk to, has a great personality and sense of humor. She has all the qualities of someone I would love to learn from, work with & build a friendship with. Getting to know the phenomenal woman she is made me even more excited to hear more music, see her videos and learn all the stories behind each.  

Harmony Devoe

Harmony Devoe is a metaphoric poet with her own style of music. She merged that with metaphoric rhyme & calls that Floecticizm. She makes up words, spells them differently and trademarked them to do so.  Harmony writes about what she always wanted and may have not experienced as of yet and at the same time, tries to help people with her music. A mother and entrepreneur, she wants to build a life and legacy for her family. She is a striver of success in pursuit of passion & dream. Harmony Devoe is the ultimate entrepreneur. She continues to  push out smash singles such as “The View” ‘Friendzone Remix” “Forever My Boo” & more. You can stream her music as well as purchase her music on her website and check out her music videos on her YouTube channel (HarmonyDevoeOfficial)

Harmony is about to drop another banger titled “When U Fall Outta Luv Ft. JaKeith. She wanted to record a duet talking about something different than what everyone else is out here talking about. What’s really going on in these homes during Covid? It had to be hard on marriages and relationships.  Harmony Devoe’s new single “When U Fall Outta Luv,” is now available on all digital platforms!!! This single is the COVID breakup duet banger of the century! The official music video is dropping on September 30th, which happens to be Harmony’s birthday!

To keep up with Harmony Devoe, check out her website & also check out her show on where she talks about subjects many people are afraid to talk about. Right now it’s in the 3rd season and she’s still striving! @grownwomantalkofficial on IG & GWTOFFICIAL on Youtube. To keep up with ALL of Harmony’s amazement follow her official IG page @harmony_devoe


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