For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: DJ P-Money

FLeet DJ Since: 2008

Location: Long Island, New York

Region: East Fleet DJ’s/NYC Fleet DJ’s


For over three decades, DJ P-MONEY has embodied the importance of his role in Hip-Hop. Even before joining The Worldwide Fleet DJ’s, he knew this was destined to be his calling. I ask him when did he know this is what he wanted to become. He recalled watching a legend do his thing. “I was at a park jam and was amazed watching DJ Hollywood kill the whole park! When I saw the way people were locked in with him, I knew that’s what I wanted to do.”

Born in Brooklyn, Phil Hodnett began DJ’ing at the age of 13. To take anything seriously as a young age was rare, but a change of scenery is what changed his perspective on it. “I moved to Long Island and got real serious about it.” In early 2008 Fleet reached out to him and he has held his position firm ever since. He is the current Assistant Regional Manager for the Eastern region of the Fleet DJ’s.

P-Money also serves as a moderator for the famous Fleet DJ Conference calls. These calls are arranged with some major celebrities in the music industry, such as Drag-On and AZ. These calls are open to fans and gives them the opportunity to hear from and learn more about their favorite artists.


In the midst of his journey, P-Money has had some unique opportunities. When I asked him to tell me about one of them, he recollected on being able to open for legend in Hip-Hop. “My best experience in DJ’ing would have to be opening for Kid Capri at Studio 54.” He would always tell me “Move the crowd!  Don’t worry about what songs are your favorite, and what you want to play.  Play for the crowd and you will never lose!”

One of his major takeaways from that experience was the reaction from the audience. “For me, seeing the crowd move and having people talk to me after a party and tell me that the music I played brought back so many great memories for them… that is not just inspiration, that is motivation for me to keep doing what I do.”

For every peak in his journey, he has dealt with his fair share of valleys. He told me about an embarrassing experience that happened at an event. “My worst experience was when I was asked to DJ my first Park Jam and when I turned on my power, I fried my bass amp!  I was so embarrassed. One of the OG DJ’s asked if I had a spare and I told him I left it at home.  I had to listen to a 15 minute speech on why that was the dumbest thing I could ever do.”

Being prepared is the biggest lesson he learned from this situation. “Always follow your mind, and take all of your equipment, even if you aren’t going to use it all because you just never know.”

Be yourself.  You have a gift that no one can take from you.  Make timeless music that people will want to play 20 years from now. Also, make sure your business is straighter than 6 o’clock.

DJ P-Money’s advice to upcoming artists


P-Money has his hands on more than just the one’s and two’s. While also working as a producer, he manages an artist out of St. Louis as well. I asked him about some of his current projects. “I have 3 mixtapes that I am working on at the moment.  Two are with DJs out of South Carolina. They each have beats that I made and they are putting acapellas to them.  Both of them are going to be BANANAS!”

Every DJ has a story behind their stage persona. I asked P-Money how his came to be and his story was intriguing. “My original name was Grand Wizard Speed. Then I made the decision to get involved in the streets, and there was an OG that was always around and he used to call me P. He said that was his way of not letting people know anyone’s name while in the street.” He invested in himself saying “I went out and bought a rope chain, like Run DMC used to wear. He saw it and started calling me P-Money and the name just stuck.”

I had to know who is P-Money rocking in his current playlist. He said, “I have some Pop Smoke, Mos Def, Wu Tang, Frankie Knuckles, Earth, Wind & Fire, Nas, AZ, Boot Camp Click, Jay-Z…too many songs to name!” (laughs) For as much fun as he has doing what he does, he also offered up some good advice to upcoming artists. “There a lot of people in the music industry that are just looking for a come up. Don’t fall into that trap.  Know your worth.  Let your talent and experience speak for itself.  Don’t ever sell yourself short because you want a gig.”

DJ P-Money with Fatboy Izzo at the 2021 Fleet DJ Music Conference


I am all over the place when it comes to music. It speaks to me.

DJ P-Money

The Fleet DJ’s have a remarkable talent in P-Money. He is vested in his position and understands his assignment in both the coalition and in the movement. He expressed mad love for the team in closing. ” I have to shout out my brother from another my guy Klassik, CEO of the Fleet DJs.  You have always seen my potential and you in your own way keep me moving and I appreciate you for that.  My Fleet Brothers, DJ Baby G, DJ Teph, DJ Say Whaat, DJ K Swift, DJ Skinny, DJ Four5, DJ Shells, DJ Dre Cee, DJ XXL, DJ Handzdown, DJ Gojabean, DJ Mannie Faces, DJ Earl-E, DJ Hot1ne, DJ Pinki3, DJ Pynk Dyamond, Mizz Official, Clarity In Focus, Nia Boom…I could go on!” (laughs)

You can follow DJ P-Money on Instagram at @djpmoneynyc, on Twitter at @djpmoneyfleetdj and check out his demonstration on Mixcloud at @djpmoneynyc.

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