For over two decades, the fleet dj’s has grown from a small crew to a proficient coalition with over 500 members and counting. since 2001, THE WORLDWIDE FLEET DJ’s has changed the lives of both its members and the entertainment industry they have thrived in.

These are the members. These are Their Stories. THESE ARE “THE FLEET FILES”

Name: DJ HOt1Ne

FLeet DJ Since: 2019




DJ HOT1NE knew from a young age that she wanted to become involved in music. Since the age of 18, she’s been immersed in the artform. Whether it was playing the congo drum given to her by her legendary grandfather Cecil Hunt or performing in high school bands, her passion for music is amazing. “I love music! I have to have it around everyday (laughs). I’m already a songwriter and producer so it just clicked for me.”

Atrice Harris is a student of the industry. By educating herself on studies of both law and the music business, she has thrived in an industry dominated by men. It’s as if she has a point to prove. “I’m determined to prove the world wrong. I earned my respect as a female DJ and as a DJ, I’m still learning. I’m very humble to have been given this talent and I Just want to use my platform to help and bring others together in music.”

Before becoming a member of the Fleet DJ’s, DJ Hot1ne was putting in the work. Collaborating with cousin and Indiana legend Go Hard, she produced a legendary mixtape that would catapult her to great heights. After joining Fleet in 2019, she would don several hats in her journey. Currently, she is the Assistant Midwest Regional Manager of Fleet as well as an Assistant Manager for the female division of Fleet known as 2Flix3.


Since becoming a Fleet DJ, Harris has been hard at work to break the next hot artist. As the music director for Midwest Fleet Radio, she runs a weekly radio program dedicated to highlighting emerging talent. She remains humble in her quest, saying “My experience being a DJ has been amazing! I have had the opportunity to work and network with some great spirits. In this business when you meet and surround yourself with good energy it makes if fun.”

I asked Hot1ne what projects she’s got coming up. “I’m currently in the process of putting together a Midwest mixtape, showcasing some of our great Midwest family. I’m also putting together several raid trains and shows via Twitch.” She also has her hands in business as she launched her own business. “I have a new business called Mix Your Life Right LLC . It consist of merch, clothing , gaming and custom Resin pieces.”

When it comes to music I discovered that Hot1ne has an old soul. I asked her who’s currently in her playlist. “Right now it’s a lot of old school R&B. Maze & Frankie Beverly “After the Morning After” I love that song! Of course Mary J. Blige! I’m so ready for her never album next month. As far a new music my good brother Maxie just dropped his new album Called Bag Season. It’s a banger!!

Keep God first. Learn the business first and keep a strong support system in your corner, not a bunch of “yes” people.

DJ Hot1ne


I got to know DJ Hot1ne this year as we both attended the 2021 Fleet DJ Music Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. It was because of Harris that I was able to attend the conference as she organized a carpool to make the 13-hour drive from Indiana. During the conference the ladies of 2Flix3 were having their own set that took place moments before the Artist Showcase. Not taking anything away from the fellas that rocked their set hours earlier, but the ladies did the damn thing that night!

When it came time for Hot1ne to perform her set, I couldn’t realize the music that she was using in her mix right away. The other DJ’s used music that was familiar but what Harris was playing was equally tight! It was only until the showcase began that I realized what she had done. Hot1ne was using the music from the artists slated to perform to create her mix! This was not done by any other DJ at the conference, and it ingenious to do so at such a large event!

From Left: DJ Doc Swift, DJ Hot1ne & Jay Mill at the Fleet DJ Music Conference


I just started writing down a bunch of names (laughs). I can’t remember how many but DJ Hot1ne stuck and I’ve been holding it down ever since.

DJ Hot1ne on how she got her name

No matter how far she goes in her quest, DJ Hot1one has made it a point to remain humble. “I’m just thankful to be a vessel and give people a piece of me through music. There’s so many people to name so I’ll do this: Thank you to all of my Fleet DJ family, Street TakeOver Radio, Street Madness Radio, Moore Music Radio, Hoosier Heat Radio, 1023 Da Jams , Midwest Fleet Radio, IHeart Radio, Franchise Radio, Dyme Jays, Supa DJs, Hood Certified DJs, all of my Twitch Family, and any one who has ever booked and supported the DJ Hot1ne Brand I love you! Don’t stop dreaming! Thank you also to Straight Official Magazine.

Make sure to follow DJ Hot1ne on all social media platforms via LinkTree and email her for bookings at

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