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The Quest Chronicles: Not There Yet! Many of us strive to be successful. Sacrificed many years to get to where we are today. Missed out on hanging with friends & wasn’t able to be a part of some family memories but it’s okay. Many sleepless nights & restless mornings!

People see you on social media spreading the word on your well-deserved accomplishments & instead of congratulating you; they’re looking for a handout. Asking you for money, help, and opportunities as if you just became a billionaire and able to save everybody. The same ones stating that they love you & support yet missed every opportunity to actually support.

Whether I have it or not; it’s not for you, especially not now. I’m not there yet! I’m elevating in my career but I’m not there yet! Every dollar I make goes right back into my business because I’m not there yet! I would love to help everyone but I’m not there yet! If you were truly riding for me then maybe I would have been there already. Until then, step aside so I can continue to work to get there!


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