Straight official sits down with Kimbretta

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself how did you get your stage name, where are you from, where do you reside etc? My stage name is my legal first name-Kimbretta.  When your mother makes up a name that no one else has thought of and you’re the only one in the world, you stick with it.  I’m from Lakeland, Florida and I currently reside in Jacksonville, Florida.
  2. Why did you decide to become a DJ/ Artist/ Entertainer?
    As far back as I can remember I’ve always been an entertainer.  It took me some time to find out how exactly I want to express that in the world, I think I’ve discovered it-for now.  I became a Fleet Host, because Hosting is a talent I have naturally.  A great host sets the atmosphere, directs the flow and engages an audience the entirety of a set, a great Host is a leader and that’s me all day. 
  3. Who and/or what motivates you?
    I’m self-motivated for the most part.  Getting things done, accomplishing my goals and seeing my vision become reality all motivate me to keep going.  At the core of that motivation is me always wanting to be an example to my daughter of what she can do-no matter what.
  4. What would you say is your biggest accomplishment to date?
    My biggest accomplishment to date is becoming a mom and managing to keep my daughter safe, healthy, and be there for the first phase of her life.  Oh yeah, I self-published my first book too.
  5. What projects currently working on?
    I’m currently working on my second book.  I’m also building a team to help me do my first book tour.
  6. What changes would you like to see in the music/entertainment industry?
    We don’t have the time to talk about the changes I want to see in the music industry.  I am extremely passionate about performing arts and all things music, particular vocal artists; and there is a ton of change that needs to happen in the industry-a ton.
  7. What makes you different from other artist?
    I have an uncanny ability to bring order to chaos.  I’m charmingly flawed and simultaneously exquisite all at the same damn time.  I am your next best decision-period
  8. What crews, company’s are you apart of why did you join the Fleet Djs?
    I own my own company, I’m also a part of women’s entrepreneurial support group.  I joined Fleet with the primary goal of continuing to develop my hosting, and speaking skills.  I my second goal, was that I hoped it opened doors for my daughter who is an aspiring R&B/Soul Singer.
  9. What other skills/talent do you have?
    Other than being a writer, I’m a certified life coach with a concentration in business, I’m a creative director, and I have great knack for connecting with teens and young adults (mentorship).
  10. What do you do in your free time? Any Hobbies?
    I love listening to music, watching TV/Movies, reading, researching and dancing.
  11. Anything else you want to add/ Any Shoutouts? your Social Media?
    I want to shout out Fleet DJ’s for all the work they do, to give others opportunities experience and grow within the entertainment industry.  I want to shout out Women by Choice my support group, my daughter for keeping me on toes and Superman (not Clark Kent) for saving the day-everyday.

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Kings of Crunk minus Lil Jon has come back to Reclaim their Position in Southern Hip Hop as Kings of Crunk with the Spring Anthem “Gettem”

Eastside boyz top banner blank

The Eastside Boyz have released the track “Gettem” that’s getting a lot of love and now becoming the spring anthem of Atlanta. With 264,000 streams and going, the single shows no sign of slowdown. The single features Bone Crusher, Don P and Lil LA from Trillville and has that classic sound of turnt up crunk music.

If you remember The EASTSIDE BOYZ aka Big Sam & Lil Bo started their music career with Lil Jon in 1996 and went straight up the charts with hits of their signature sound and hooks. From 2001 to 2005 they put out 4 albums: PUT YOUR HOOD UP (PLATINUM), KINGS OF CRUNK (2X PLATINUM), PART II, and CRUNK JUICE (3x PLATINUM).

The single is streaming on Spotify, SoundCloud & Apple Music. Make sure when you listen to the single you check out the Atlanta Falcons highlight video. If you’re into the Falcons, this will be that song that gets your pumped for the game.

Follow The East Side Boyz

Official Website:
Instagram: @TheRealEastSideBoyz
Facebook: @TheRealEastSideBoyz
Twitter: @EastSideBoyzATL

About The East Side Boyz

The EASTSIDE BOYZ aka Big Sam & Lil Bo started their music career with Lil Jon in 1996 with a song called “Who U Wit” that was wrote by Big Sam in 1993. The group then signed with Mirror Image Records in 1997 and recorded their first album called “Who U Wit Get Crunk” which went gold. Then they followed up in 1999 with “We Still Crunk Da Album” which also went gold. Then in 2001 Lil Jon & the EASTSIDE BOYZ signed a Indy/major deal with TVT Records. The group was on TVT Records from 2001-2005 which they put out 4 albums: “Put Your Hood Up” (Platinum),“King of Crunk” (2X Platinum), “Part II”, “Crunk Juice” (3x Platinum). Also countless Tv shows, movies (Soul Plane)!!as well as a couple of movies (Recognize). BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE NEW EASTSIDE BOYZ ALBUM & BIG SAM ALBUM!!!

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